Founded in 1966, Satco is well known as the premier supplier of a variety of lighting products. The SATCO brand of light bulbs, electrical accessories, lighting hardware and glassware are primarily sold through its 8,000 retail lighting showrooms and electrical distributors. 

Under the Satco brand, the company’s product categories include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, HID, and LED lamps as well as hundreds of styles of builder-oriented lighting fixtures, track lighting and lamps through its showroom and electrical distributor channels. In addition, Satco offers lighting and electrical components for the retail, commercial and manufacturing trade as well as consumer products such as night lights, desk lamps and surge protectors. Satco maintains an unsurpassed understanding of the lighting industry. In fact, our experience spans 4 generations, dating back to the original Edison factory!

Listed Below is the range of products currently available and the Suggested Retail Price in TT Dollars. Contact us for Wholesale Costing.

item #descriptionupccsMSRP tt
 S7414Satco Spiral 26W Bulb0-45923-07414-1120 $          61.80
S28768Satco Bulbs 75 W LED0-45923-28768-824 $          45.80
S28770Satco Bulbs LED 4pk 75w0-45923-28770-112 $        175.80
S28788Satco Bulbs 100 W LED0-45923-28788-624 $          63.80
S28790Satco Bulbs LED 4pk 100w0-45923-28790-912 $        233.80
S29597Satco Bulbs LED 4pk 60w0-45923-29597-324 $          93.80
s29813Satco Bulbs 75 W LED0-45923-29813-424 $          71.80
S29818Satco Bulbs 100 W LED0-45923-29818-924 $          89.80
S29839Satco Bulbs 60 W LED0-45923-29839-424 $          47.80
S3871Satco Bulbs 2pk 100w0-45923-03929-412 $          27.80
s9595Satco Bulbs 60 W LED0-45923-09595-524 $          31.80
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